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ASAP Skip Bin Solutions Auckland New Zealand

If you are looking for a reliable skip bin hire service with a simple process and affordable prices, you are at the right place. ASAP Skip Bins are the perfect way to easily take care of your rubbish removal and waste disposal needs.

With a range of skip bins available to hire, we guarantee you will find a skip bin to suit your needs. If you need help with advice on which size skip bin is best suited for your job, please feel free to contact us.

Easy Process

We understand that your time is valuable – which is why we offer efficient skip bin hire solutions on the North Shore and across West Auckland. Feel free to get in touch and we will help you find the right skip bin for your job. Or book a skip today for your next project.

Affordable Prices

We have a range of skips available to hire at affordable prices. Each skip bin has a unique price dependent on your location and the type of rubbish. Use our quick quote calculator to view specific prices relative to the delivery area.

Quick Delivery

You specify the date of your skip bin delivery and one of our team will ensure your selected skip bin makes it to the right place and within 24 hours of ordering. Our minimum hire is for 5 days, any additional days will incur an extra fee of $10 per day.


Not too sure on what bin you require?

Contact the team at ASAP Skip Bins to discuss the right skip bin for your job.

027 839 0511

Do you need skip bins for an upcoming project on the North Shore or in West Auckland?

Contact the team at ASAP Skip Bins to discuss the right skip bin for your job or book a skip bin today!


What is a skip bin and what can go into skip bins?

What can go into skip bins?2021-12-12T22:39:31+13:00

Whether you’re on a building site in West Auckland, or residential homes on the North Shore, we’ve got the skip bins solution to sort out MOST of your disposable rubbish.
Can go in: Most household materials
Can NOT go in: Food, dusty items (unless bagged), tyres, LPG bottles, asbestos, polystyrene, oils, paints, hazardous liquids and chemicals, any hard fill items such as rocks, bricks, dirt and concrete.
Can go in: Plant-based items, plants, trees, flowers, leaves, branches, stumps, weeds, roots and other garden materials.
Can NOT go in: Anything that is not plant-based, such as large quantities of dirt, any household items, chemicals, furniture, etc.
Can go in: Hard waste only such as bricks, concrete, soil, dirt, tar-seal.
Can NOT go in: General waste, plant matter, trees, household items, chemicals, liquids, contaminants, furniture, etc.

What are skip bins?2021-12-12T22:39:35+13:00

What you need to know about our skip bins for hire on the North Shore or in West Auckland.
Skip bins are large, open-top rubbish bin that you can hire to have on your property to freely toss disposable material into during a renovation, clean up, building project, etc. They are heavy duty bins, made to withstand many years of rough use by tradespeople or on construction sites.

What kind of projects are skip bins suitable for?

If you’re on the North Shore or in West Auckland, we provide rubbish bin hire in the form of heavy-duty skips suitable for a wide range of projects. We have a variety of sizes to suit different volumes of rubbish bin hire disposal requirements.

The common projects our rubbish bin hires are used for:


Any building works on any scale from hobby building to commercial-sized projects.

Residential Renovation

Adding a room to your home? Keep a skip on site for easy materials disposal!

Commercial Renovation

Expanding offices or giving it a modernisation requires on-site rubbish disposal for streamlined and safe operations.

Residential Cleanup

If you’re tidying up your property of materials, garage rubbish or garden – we’ve got skip bins suitable for a variety of materials.

Furniture Disposal

If your old furniture is past its lifespan, and can’t be donated, we have skips that can take your broken furniture and appliances away.

Landscaping Disposal

If you are creating a brand new landscaped outdoor area or sprucing up an existing one, we have specialist green bins for easy organic material disposal.

Residential and Commercial Building Sites

Brand new builds benefit from on-site skip disposal to keep your worksite tidy, safe and clear of debris.

How to make the most out of your skip bins for your West Auckland or North Shore cleanup projects!

Our tips and tricks on how to load your skip bins to save you space, time and money!

Break down or crush your big disposable items2021-12-12T22:39:25+13:00

Break down or crush your big disposable items to as flat as you can make them. This will save you a lot of space and hassle. If you are pressed for time, consider breaking down all of your applicable items before the skip is delivered to your property so it’s ready to go!

Take apart furniture (or donate it, instead.)2021-12-12T22:39:20+13:00

Any furniture pieces should be taken apart to fit in the hire skip bins a bit more efficiently instead of taking up a bulky bit of valuable skip real estate. If your furniture is still in pretty good nick, consider donating it instead of taking up space in your paid skip bin!

Make a rough plan of how you are going to fill the skip bin and what with.2021-12-12T22:39:14+13:00

Make a list, whatever works for you, so that you don’t forget a significant bit of rubbish you need removing in our skip bins! You should, wherever possible, start with the lighter items of rubbish at the bottom of the skip like polystyrene, paper, cardboard and leave heavier things until last. Consider your skip bin hire a giant game of Tetris. Lay tables flat top down so that you don’t have to try and squeeze more rubbish UNDER the item once it’s already in the skip. Fit your rubbish together like a skip bin puzzle, and you’ll maximise your space. The last thing you want to do is to fill the designated skip bin and then realise you’ve left a bulky item out, which might require another skip bin hire.

Avoid air pockets.2021-12-12T22:39:08+13:00

You want to utilise the space in the skip bin efficiently. Don’t waste paid space by not filling it or creating air pockets by mismatched items filling an odd space. Filling the bins with hollow objects (bins, buckets, etc.) will negate some space, so as per the previous planning tip, make sure you break down hollow items or fill them up before you toss them in the skip bins!

Avoid throwing recyclables in the skip bins!2021-12-12T22:39:05+13:00

These recyclable items can be taken by your West Auckland or North Shore council in your green bins for free, so don’t waste valuable space in your skip bins for recyclables! Items made of glass, paper, cardboard and plastic can all be recycled, so depending on their size, consider putting them in your free collected recycling.

Put your loose items lower2021-12-12T22:37:31+13:00

Smaller items placed at the top of the bin risk spilling out during transit to the landfill. If you have last-minute additions (and we get that), be careful that you stuff any smaller items that are just balancing on the top to lower areas so that they don’t become dislodged during the drive. Be careful with your skip packing and avoid frivolous additions.

Extra items2021-12-12T22:37:24+13:00

If you have extra items that are too big for the skip bin, get in touch with our team to discuss a new skip bin for extra bits and bobs that need to go. If you’ve filled your skip bin to capacity, you need to let the team know if you need extra bits removed before they turn up to collect the agreed-upon skip bin. They can not take individual pieces without pre-planning of a second skip.

Need skip bins in Auckland for your next project? Are you In West Auckland or on the North Shore? We specialise in reliable skip bins to suit a huge range of requirements – when you need them. Get in touch today and secure your skip bins in West Auckland and the North Shore.


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